Core cutting (1978 set)

I’ve divided the core cutting process into stages.

Stage One: 1) Cut stitching with Stanley knife; 2) cut and remove book and spine cover; 3) write spine details on storage bag; 4) open at mid-point and cut book in half; 5) clamp half book and cover onto workbench; 6) cut away glued edge with jigsaw; 7) bag-up; 8) repeat.

Stage Two: 1) Clamp book onto workbench; 2) Drill around circle template to perforate pages; 3) tear and use pliers to remove surplus paper; 4) drill/perforate covers and tear surplus away; 5) bag-up; 6) repeat.

Not surprisingly, the (almost ritual) ‘coring’ of these encyclopaedia feels like butchery, accentuated by terms like ‘spine’, which indicates that books, as repositories of knowledge, were understood as organic forms, maybe extensions of ourselves.


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