The particulate matter has been sifted in order to identify similarities and differences between rhythms and contours.  There is a notable recurrence of the rhythm two semi-quavers plus a quaver and an ‘escape note’ (one step up, two steps down) figure.  These occur in isolation and in small composite forms.

The particulate matter is not particularly distinctive in itself but this collection of pre-motivic material has the potential to form agglomerations, to morph, or to disperse in ways which could form an interesting musical composition, a musical landscape (to use a commonly applied metaphor).

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About Helen C Thomas

Helen has a Ph.D. in music from Lancaster University where she completed a thesis on 'Disturbing Times: Metaphors of Temporality in Avant-Garde Music of the 1960s. She is a Senior Teaching Associate at Lancaster University and an active oboist and cor anglais player. Helen has written for Music Analysis, Twentieth Century Music, Tempo, and Metaphor and the Social World.

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