Preliminary thoughts on S/core composition materials

 I am thinking of creating a collection of motivic fragments based on a rhythmic translation of the key words list combined with either an approximate translation of the spoken melodic contour (which could then be subject to some transpositional shifts) or something more akin to Mike’s method of collating letters but here with syllables or phoenetics. Hence ‘irreversibility’ might produce a basic rhythmic figure of four semis + 2 semis + quaver and an undulating melodic contour. I need to work through this in order to find out if the material is distinctive enough but if it is, then I would envisage working with the motifs in ways that responds metaphorically to Susan’s work.

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About Helen C Thomas

Helen has a Ph.D. in music from Lancaster University where she completed a thesis on 'Disturbing Times: Metaphors of Temporality in Avant-Garde Music of the 1960s. She is a Senior Teaching Associate at Lancaster University and an active oboist and cor anglais player. Helen has written for Music Analysis, Twentieth Century Music, Tempo, and Metaphor and the Social World.

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