Time Frame

Time frames so much of our lives, as is revealed in these common words and phrases:
timing, peace-time, timely, meteorological time, part-time, meantime, full-time, doing time, over-time, time stands still, time-share, good time, time-out, bad time, high time, time-lapse, hard time, time-line, timeless, double-time, time is money, time and again, scheduled time, timeliness, time and a half, about time, no time, time will tell, life-time, time of my life, nice time, lovely time, geological time, matter of time, race against time, spare time, waste of time, fleeting time, set time, same time, sometime, buy time, rough time, time on my hands, time to kill, long time, fullness of time, have the time, time in memorial, time management, past-time, time and motion, bed-time, while away time, supper-time, tea-time, breakfast-time, time-travel, start time, time to think, time to reflect, private time, dream-time, wartime, mists of time, annals of time, time of day, borrowed time, once upon a time, playtime, pressed for time, quality time, time is ripe, time and a place, no time to lose, no time like the present, third time lucky, time and tide wait for no-one, time flies, time hangs heavy, time is a great healer, time is of the essence, time out, time was, some other time, two-time, time’s up, time to go.


One thought on “Time Frame

  1. a time signature, duple time, triple time, common time, simple time, compound time, in strict time, getting out of time, back in time, first time/second time repeats, next time.

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